Publications: Journals & Anthologies

“Border Crossing” & “Watching Dad’s Porn on the VCR”
The Minnesota Review, Duke University Press (Durham, North Carolina), Spring 2018

“Mornings with My Mother,” “A Haven for the Discarded,” “The Disappearance” & “Spy (San Francisco 1983)”
Weber—The Contemporary West, Weber State University (Ogden, Utah), Fall/Winter 2017

 “The Way to Cái Răng Floating Market”
Bayou Magazine, the University of New Orleans (New Orleans, Louisiana), Fall/Winter 2017

“That Other Guy”
Outlook Springs, Langston Brumbletooth Press (Outlook Springs, New Hampshire), Fall/Winter 2017

“Tongue Tied”
Tule Review, Sacramento Poetry Center (Sacramento, California), Fall 2017

The Suburban Review (Melbourne, Australia), Issue No. 8, Fall 2017

“Escape Attempt,” “We Were Fifteen,” & “Invented Traditions”
Southern Pacific Review (Santiago de Chile), Summer 2017

“My Father on That Last Day of Summer, 1983” & “Morning Market, Sa Đéc 1981”
Perfume River Poetry Review, Tourane Poetry Press (San Jose, California), “Vietnam Forever” 5th Anniversary Issue, Summer 2017

“Making Love on the Roof”
The Boiler Journal (Dallas, Texas), Summer 2017

“Conversations with the Diocese of the Desert”
3Elements Literary Review (Des Moines, Iowa), Issue No. 15, Summer 2017

“Summer Sale”
Common Ground Review, Western New England University (Springfield, Massachusetts), Spring/Summer 2017

“Cactus Dawn”
Off the Coast (Rockland, Maine), Summer 2017

“La Comédie,” “Tongue Tied” & “Your Absence”
The Aurorean, Encircle Publications (Central Maine), Spring/Summer 2017

“To Myself at Eight” & “The Disappearance”
Hypertrophic Literary, Hypertrophic Press (New Market, Alabama), Summer 2017

“To Myself at Seven”
Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review (Austin Texas), Issue 46, Summer 2017

“Second Name”
Anthology ~ Spring Mother Tongue: Poetic Voices of Santa Clara County, Edited by Arlene Biala (San Jose, California), May 2017

“Six Year Old Boy with Lost Tricycle Looking at Mural on Museum Wall”
Quatrain.Fish, Spring 2017

“Last Bar in Okinawa” & “Home from College”
Two Thirds North, Stockholm University (Stockholm, Sweden), Spring/Summer 2017

Pamplemousse Magazine, Johnson State College (Johnson, Vermont), Spring/Summer 2017

“Estate Sale”
New Times55 Fiction Contest (San Luis Obispo, California), Summer 2016

“Ritual Prayers”
Colere: A Journal of Cultural Exploration, Coe College (Cedar Rapids, Iowa), Spring 2015

“Letters from Iraq”
Third Wednesday (Ann Arbor, Michigan), Spring 2015         

“The Tourist”
The Tribune“From Soul to Paper” Contest (San Luis Obispo County, California), Spring 2014 –

“Gravity,” “That Last Day of Summer, 1963” & “Catching Crawdads”
The Aztec Literary Review, San Diego State University (San Diego, California), Spring 2012

“From the Platform on First Street”
Anthology ~ Invention: Poems that Celebrate Who We Are and What We Do in Silicon Valley, a “Poetry on the Move” Contest, Edited by Sally Ashton (San Jose, California), April 2012

“The Hanging Family Tree”
Pinion Journal, University of Mary Washington (Fredericksburg, Virginia), Summer 2011

“This is Not a Love Poem,” “Eastbound Train” & “Poetry Reading”
The Red Clay Review, Kennesaw State University (Kennesaw, Georgia), Spring 2011 – Featured Poet

“Hellyer Park”
Halfway Down the Stairs, Winter 2010

“When Morning Comes”
Able Muse Review (San José, California), Summer 2010

“In the Kitchen”
The Greensilk Journal, Spring 2010

“My Man Gone Now”
Bacopa Literary Review, Writers Alliance of Gainesville (Gainesville, Florida), Spring 2010

“My Man Gone Now”
San Pedro River Review, Blue Horse Press (Redondo Beach, California), Spring 2010

“Blues Woman”
Reed Magazine, San José State University (San José, California), Spring 2009

“Sunday Bathers”
Orchard Valley Review, San José State University (San José, California), Spring 2009

“Good Intentions Are for Fools”
Paper Street Press, Spring 2004

“A Moment to Remember”
Pen Pushers Publications, Spring 2003

“Running Backwards”
Anthology ~ Visions, Spring 2003